Self-Internship #1: Stock Selection Software

The first installment of my self-designed internship

In learning UI/UX design, I assign myself exercises in which I redesign digital device interactions.

The following wireframes represent a stock selection software to help investment managers decide which stocks to buy and sell.  I specifically designed for fundamentals-focused investors, who are more interested in the fundamental financial characteristics of a company, rather than the minute-to-minute price movements.  The software enables the user to visualize different financial dimensions and compare multiple companies simultaneously.

1 HOME 2 BROWSE - zero 3 BROWSING - TABULAR 4 VISUALIZE - Bubble Copy Copy 5 VISUALIZE - Bubble Copy Copy 1 6 VISUALIZE - zero 7 VISUALIZE - Select 8 VISUALIZE - 1 company 9 VISUALIZE - 2 companies 10 VISUALIZE - Bubble