Customer Testimonial Videos

During my last 6 months at Apigee, I switched from UX Design to jumpstarting their video production department.

  • Created Apigee’s 1st in-house video production program, reducing dependency on agencies and freelance videographers – saving Apigee thousands of dollars
  • Producing an average of 2-4 videos per week, including webinars, customer interviews, instructional content, thought leadership talks, and advertisements
  • Built a video program on a startup budget and velocity. Produced quality content in 7 days or less on average. Built a video studio for under $2000.
  • Create content with a thorough understanding of Apigee’s core business. Provide editorial discretion and business knowledge that external videographers cannot offer
  • Work with content creators, who have a basic story framework, and then expand on their vision by enriching their story with visuals, music, and motion graphics