Visualizing Events Across Time

I worked at Apigee from 2013-2016 as the lead UX Designer on their predictive analytics platform. Over the course of 3 years, I led the design of an app that gave marketers the power of creating predictive algorithms with their data, without any data science experience.

My best work on this app was definitely the Journey Data Visualization.

When I first got my hands on this project, we just had sample data in spreadsheet with columns and rows. By collaborating with my engineering and product management team, I:

  • Created task flows for dashboards, data visualizations, notifications, uploading data, and task management
  • Interviewed data scientists and marketers to test our ideas
  • Prototyped high-fidelity clickable prototypes on Axure RP
  • Created pixel-perfect designs and specs for my front-end team
  • Took us from tabular data to an interactive visualization of events across time