1. Hello Karen! I wanted to tell you what an impact that using SLIP OF THE TONGUE has made on the youth I have worked with. I began using the video several years ago when I worked with the Korean Center for Education in LA, in a Summer program where I had a 4 hour block of time where we explored Identity. I am currently the Exec Dir of a nonprofit (mydf dot org) and I will be using this video in a curriculum that I am planning to replicate across the country – the Summer Empowerment Academy – providing free, motivational summer programs for youth. Just wanted you to know how much I LOVE this work and how meaningful it is in discussing not only issues of identity for women, but also issues of manhood for young men.


  2. Hey Beautiful, Thank you for being so interesting, intelligent and beautiful in all ways so my daughter and all little girls in the world have a cool example of how to be authentic to themselves and not follow the herd. Wow! What a woman you are!!

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